October 10, 2018

A Look Inside the Ninja Number Business App

Last week, we debuted our Ninja Number Business app for both Android and iPhone. This week, we’d like to give you a tour of the app to show you all the features we’ve built into it – and give you a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Logging into Ninja Number Business

NInja Number Business login screenLogging in is simple – just enter your Ninja Number and the password sent to you via email. If you forgot your password, simply click on the link below the Log In button.









Ninja Number Business - cellphone numberAfter agreeing that we’ll use your cellphone data to create reports for you (don’t worry, we aren’t selling your data – it stays with us), you’ll then be prompted to enter your cellphone’s number.


The NinjaBot

Ninja Number Business - NInjaBot

The app will now take you to the NinjaBot, the brains of the app that are powered by artificial intelligence.  From the NinjaBot, you can configure your Ninja Number to go to voicemail, call forwarding, 24/7 hotline or a full-fledged PBX system. All you need to do is answer some questions by tapping a few buttons, and you’re done!







NInja Number Business - Dialer

Using the dialing icon shown above, you can start making calls by using the app’s built-in dialer. Customers will see your Ninja Number on their caller ID, not your cellphone number.

Add contacts to your Ninja Number, and star the ones that are favorites, or people whom you call frequently. Use the NinjaBot to set your app to call forwarding to answer your Ninja Number calls on your cellphone, or set it to voicemail if you’re in a meeting or can’t be bothered. You can return to the NinjaBot by clicking the gear icon in the lower right.





Ninja Number Business - Mesages

You’ll receive all of your messages – both voicemails and texts – in the Messages area. Simply click the dialog button bubble (second from the left), and then click on each message to get a full view of the message and conversation that may have gone on between the two of you. Voicemail messages are automatically transcribed so you don’t have to dial in to a number to retrieve them. You can even reply to a voicemail via text, if that number is a cellphone.






Ninja Number Business - Reports

Once you start getting some calls, the reporting feature will be helpful to you. Simply click on the home button, and you’ll be given a summary of reports for the current month. Click on each report to customize the dates that you want to see data for.

The types of reports include:

  • Most frequent callers
  • Calls by day of month
  • Types of calls
  • Messages by day of month
  • Busiest hours of the day
  • Time spent on calls
  • Most popular cities


We’re not finished with the app yet. We’ll continue to leverage AI to make our NinjaBot even smarter, making setup easier. We’ll also use AI to help you improve your communications with sales leads and customers. Be looking for these improvements within the next month!

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