Customer Reviews

Our mission is complete when we have happy, satisfied customers. These customer reviews give reasons why you too can trust Ninja Number’s foresight, consistency, precision and agility.

What Customers are Saying About Us

“Ninja Number has provided us with an extremely flexible means to facilitate effective external communication that saves us time and effort and ultimately allows us to deliver the highest level of service possible to our customers: the boating public.”

- Phil Mammano, Flotilla ViceCommander

"Ninja Number technology delivers a single location outside of a terrorist or natural disaster event area where our team can call for information and guidance. We will be able to contact regional personnel and have them report to a specific location much faster"

- Public Relations Representative, FEMA

"Ninja Number can handle anything, even 40,000 Colbert fans. And don't you forget it!"
- Comedy Central, New York, NY

“Ninja Number provides the flexibility and features that help our staff therapists protect their privacy and respond to clients appropriately.”

- Andrew Rose, Boulder Emotional Wellness

"Losing leads is critical for me. I needed to find a solution that cared about my business as much as I did. The people at Ninja Number are really cool cats. I don't know if they treat me special or treat everyone special, but when I call with a problem, they ask me what I need and they fix it. It's a done deal."

- Jordan Hashem, Boulevard Real Estate

"In a real-life, unanticipated, interrupted event, Ninja Number worked like clockwork and kept our client up and running.”

- Joe Ford, Tatum LLC

"Thanks to Ninja Number, we now find that calls are routed to appropriate departments without bogging down our office manager. Employees working in the field are reached without delay thanks to call forwarding options, and overall customer satisfaction has increased through this service."

- Chris Casual, Athena Enterprises LLC

"Customer service is a big factor in my decision making. Ninja Number was much more personable and attentive to my needs than any other solution provider that I looked at. You would never know Ninja Number is a big company when you experience the personalized attention that they deliver."
- Pamela Novotny, Featherlite

“Your product is exactly what we need for paging services!”

- Susan Driever, Animal Hospital Highway 6

"When we need to evacuate, we might end up with different departments scattered all over the Gulf Coast. Ninja Number gives us the tools to coordinate our communications and stay connected to the world."

- David Giesemann, Dyn McDermott

“I inherited your service when I bought another company. I’m glad because it is such a valuable service and your customer service folks couldn’t be nicer or more helpful!”

- Lahni de Amicis, Planetary Calendar

“Service is great. Friendly customer service folks. Good price.”

- Honey Byrne

“I was grandfathered in from VoiceNation. This is a great PBX service. I am a small company, but PBX gives me a big corporate feel.”

- Fatinma Olaleye

“This is exactly what I needed - a simple, dependable telephone system that doesn't need a lot of babysitting. I turn it on, configure it and then forget about it. I can focus on my business and making money instead of worrying about my phone system."

- Adolfo Fonseca, ASF Contracting