The Ninja Number Dashboard

Set Up and Access Your Ninja Number Dashboard

Think of the Ninja Number dashboard as your central hub where you control your Ninja Number. The dashboard lets you choose what tools you want to use and how you use them to benefit your business.

At the heart of the dashboard is the NinjaBot, which helps you configure your Ninja Number by asking you a series of questions. You'll be ready in as fast as 60 seconds.

From the dashboard, you can also see your messages, view reports and invoices, make money with our referral program, and see how you can improve your communications with customers.


Log in to the Ninja Number Dashboard.


Click on "Configure."


Follow the NinjaBot's easy instructions, and you’ll be ready to go!


Ninja Number Dashboard

The NinjaBot Uses Artificial Intelligence
to Make Setup a Snap

Just answer a few questions that the NinjaBot asks you, and your Ninja Number is ready to go. No toggle switches, multiple screens or menu items to go through.


Accessing all my apps from the dashboard is so easy. Everything’s just a few clicks away, and I can make changes to my account in just a few minutes!
- Tracy Woodham, StepUp Services