Ninja spin your one phone number into two

Don’t mix business with pleasure. Get a business line on your smartphone, then share it with up to 5 other phones.


Save time and money by putting your business line in the palm on your hand
  • Simplify – no, Ninja-fy – your business. Download the Ninja Number app and pow! You’ve got a business line on your personal phone.
  • Keep your personal number private, but still send and receive calls on your smartphone.
  • Now you’ve got Ninja powers! Answer calls, forward calls to voicemail, respond to transcribed voicemails with a text message and more. Our features save you time and make you money.

Juggling running a business and taking calls? Simplify when you Ninja-fy.

Assemble your Ninja team.
Assemble your Ninja team.

Expand your team by adding up to 5 phone numbers. March into the business battlefield confident that all your calls are being answered.

Set Auto-Reply
Set Auto-Reply

Easily respond to simple inquiries. Ninja Number’s artificial intelligence will Auto-Reply using answers customized by you.

Keep track of your calls.
Keep track of your calls.

When you can’t answer, easily view your calls by time and category. If someone on your team replies, you can track those responses, so you’re always in the loop.

Choose a phone number
that's right for you.

Ready to sign up? Awesome! Choose your Ninja strategy.

Keep Your Number


Transfer your current number so your existing customers can stay in touch with you.

Stay Local


Get a local phone number to establish neighborhood credibility.

Go national


Choose a toll-free number. Choose from 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888 numbers.

Customize Your Number


Choose a vanity number that’s easy for people to remember.