24/7 Hotline

Our 24/7 Hotline gives you a consistent voice around the clock, which builds customer confidence and increases sales.

24/7 Hotline

Ninja Benefits


Easily inform and update customers by quickly changing your greeting


Build trust by being available any day, any time


Track ROI on marketing campaigns


What makes us a Ninja

Ninja Number provides simple, insightful ROI. Tying your phone call data to our built-in analytics is easy.

When would I use this?

You may have some amazing specials this month that you announced in a recent email campaign. Activate Ninja Number’s 24/7 Hotline feature and customize the recording to remind callers about the specials.

Then sit back and watch the sales roll in. Later, you can take a look at Ninja Number’s exclusive built-in and insightful ROI stats that tie your calls to analytics to see how your campaign performed—and how you can improve it next time.