Never Miss an Opportunity with Lead Tracking

Know who to call back first.

Dozens of people call you every day. How do you know who to call back first?

Ninja Number’s virtual phone system offers lead tracking – the ability to mark calls according to their sales potential. So you know at a glance what the most important opportunity is. Call them back first, make the sale, and watch your revenue grow.

What Lead Tracking Can Do for Your Business

Mark Your Calls
Mark Your Calls

Mark your business calls as an inquiry, initial contact, qualified lead, customer or VIP. Filter them by category so you can see the most important calls.

Call History
Call History

Instantly see your call history with a particular lead, including texts and transcribed voicemails.

Learn Valuable Insights
Learn Valuable Insights

Add business leads to your contact list and know who's calling - or which calls you've missed.


Let Ninja Number Respond to Inquiries

Don’t have time to respond to each voicemail or text? Ninja Number’s virtual business phone will automatically text back answers to frequently asked questions that customers have. Then, when you have time, you can call them back and get more information.


The only virtual phone system for your business that will increase sales.


“Ninja Number lets me know when I’ve missed a call, and I know that I need to get back to them ASAP to make that sale. It’s a lifesaver.”

Brad Sullivan

Starting at just $9.95 a month!

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