Mercenary Program

Generate Revenue with Our Ninja Number Reseller Program

Ninja Number Mercenary ProgramWe’ve done all the research and hard work to create a phone system packed with features that meet all the needs of small business owners. Now you can sign up for our Ninja Number reseller program and use our ingenuity to generate revenue for yourself.

Here’s how it works:

Ninja iconPurchase unlimited numbers from Ninja Number at a discounted price.

Ninja iconReceive training and sales support to help you get started.

Ninja iconCreate your own pricing to control your own margins.

Ninja iconReceive your own dashboard to send your customers to. Customize it too!

      • Change the logo
      • Change the displays on the support tab
      • Manage your customer list
      • Add/remove customers and phone numbers
      • Receive a non-descript domain name URL for your dashboard
      • Receive non-descript emails
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"Through Ninja Number’s Mercenary program, I have gained access to a national market, yet I still can deliver the exact same product my customers already demand. Ninja Number’s ability to duplicate the functionality of another solution is an essential benefit to resellers that will only grow in value as this market grows."
- Mark Reeder, Business Development Manager for Petra Communication

Become a Mercenary

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