Text to Voice

Use text-to-voice to transform your greetings to a professional sounding voice that gives your business that edge you need. Now that’s savvy.

Voice to Text

Ninja Benefits


Give your business the professional edge with our recording voices that provide just the right tone


Change greetings quickly and easily right from your phone


Don't worry about recording messages over and over; type it once and let our transcription give you a perfect message



What makes us a Ninja

We are the only company that lets you change your recording as many times as you want within our dashboard, so you have control.

When would I use this?

You enjoy changing your phone greeting seasonally but you want it to sound professional. You use Ninja Number’s Text-to-Voice app right from your phone to type your message, pick your voice and language and relax because you know your customers will receive a warm, professional voice and tone when they call.