About Us
One Engineer. One Salesman. And a Ninja.


Jay Reeder was an engineer who had built several voice platforms for big companies and created several companies of his own. Graham Taylor was a salesman who had recently moved to the United States from Scotland to find a promising sales opportunity.

One night they were at a local bar; Taylor was checking in with Reeder, who was one of his clients. As they talked about telecommunications over a pitcher of beer, the topic turned to virtual phone systems. The two realized that they could create a new system with brand new features never used before and offer this software to small businesses.


Graham Taylor and Jay Reeder

Graham Taylor and Jay Reeder


They launched the product to a small group of businesses and received more referrals than they could support on the test platform. The buzz was that there was finally a solution for small businesses to use to handle phone communications at an affordable price.

And so their company, NextPBX was born.

Fast forward a few years. Excited by the idea that their phone service seemed to embody the high standards, ingenuity, and resourcefulness of ninjas, the two contemplated a name change. They simplified the system and, using artificial intelligence, enhanced it to help entrepreneurs make more sales.

So we now have the simple, intelligent and affordable Ninja Number.


Our Mission:

Leveraging artificial intelligence and automation to help businesses improve customer interaction and make more money.


Our Vision:

To help entrepreneurs automate customer interactions so they can accomplish their dreams.