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One Engineer. One Salesman. And a Ninja?

The young engineer had been busy putting his engineer skills to good use by building voice platforms for big companies. The Scottish salesman had recently moved to the United States to seek the best sales opportunity he could find and land a gig at a corporate company. They crossed paths the way most people do - by chance.

The ninja came along later.

One night they were at the local bar after the salesman was checking on his clients, one of whom was the engineer.

Graham Taylor and Jay Reeder
Graham Taylor and Jay Reeder

Among the many chummy topics that most colleagues discuss, they began chatting about the ways big corporations use voice platform technology.

The engineer was dumbfounded to learn that almost 2/3 of the coding for these phone systems was stripped out, which to him was not only insulting, but a shame to those big corporations. The salesman’s sales itch began to stir as he asked more about what the engineer meant.

After hours of conversation and a finished pitcher of beer, the two realized that they could create the same technology with brand new features never used before and offer this software to small businesses. The salesman knew this was something he could sell, and he could feel the youthful zealous energy he once had as a junior salesman.

Don’t worry, the ninja part is coming! Remember, ninjas don’t drink.

They launched the product to a small group of businesses they knew and found themselves receiving more referrals than they could support on the test platform. The buzz in the air was that there was finally a solution for small businesses to use to handle phone communications at an affordable price.

And so, NextPBX was born. As entrepreneurs themselves, they cleared a new pathway for the entrepreneurial world.

But wait! How about the ninja part?

NextPBX received rave reviews from pleased customers using descriptive words like “intuitive,” “foresight,” and “precision” – words that also describe the ever-loyal and reliable ninjas.

Finally... this is where the Ninja comes in.

Excited by the idea that their phone service seemed to embody the high standards, ingenuity, and resourcefulness of ninjas, the two contemplated a name change. They continued incorporating more stealthy savvy features with ninja-like traits such as consistency, agility, insight, and more into the NextPBX product. So, we now have the flexible, adaptable, and quite affordable Ninja Number.