Custom Reporting and Analytics

Data on your phone behavior can tell you a lot. You can not only find out who’s called, but also learn where they’re calling from, when you get the most phone calls, and what they do once they call. All this data can make a huge impact on your business planning.

Ninja Number offers more than 10 customizable reports filled with information that may surprise you. See for yourself!


A wealth of information at your fingertips.


You can learn a lot from data. With Ninja Number’s reports, you can discover:

  • What day of the month and what time of day you get the most calls;
  • Who calls you the most;
  • How many hangups you get;
  • What type of callers you’re getting (Inquiry, VIP, Customer, etc.)

Cities and States

Learn what cities and states customers are calling from, so you know where to market your products or services.

Number of Calls

Find out how many calls you’ve gotten during a period of time, and the average duration of those calls.

Report Card

How well are you responding to calls? Ninja Number grades you on your communication habits and suggests ways to improve them and grow your business.

What You Can Do with Reports

Customize your data.
Customize your data.

Control what dates you want to see data so you can isolate trends on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and see the results.

Get insights into what your data means.
Get insights into what your data means.

Ninja Number offers insights into your data to tell you how you're doing with callers, and how you can improve your stats to positively impact your communications.

Easy to read, easy to understand.
Easy to read, easy to understand.

Our reports are visual so you can instantly get a picture of what's happening. If you need more detail, the raw data is below the graphs.

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