Let Ninja Number reply for you.

“What time are you open?” “Where are you located?” “What classes do you offer?”

No matter what type of business you own, you always get the same common questions, and it can interrupt your workday. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get someone to reply to these simple, common questions automatically so no caller is left waiting?

Ninja Number can do it for you.


Actively respond to customers.


Auto-Reply allows you to craft an answer to the most common questions your business receives.

Ninja Number saves these answers, and when a text or voicemail comes in asking those questions, it will automatically reply for you. All of your questions and answers are 100% customizable to fit your business.

Get Back to People Instantly


Always let people know you’ve received their voicemail or text by replying immediately. If it’s not a frequently asked question, Ninja Number will reply for you with a general reply that you create.

What You Can Do With Auto-Reply

Customize your own replies.
Customize your own replies.

You control what Ninja Number says. It simply responds to common questions using the answers you create.

Auto-reply to all messages.
Auto-reply to all messages.

If you're busy, you can turn Auto-Reply on to handle all of your calls, and Ninja Number will respond to all voicemail and text messages with a generic reply that you create.

Be confident in the answers received.
Be confident in the answers received.

Ninja Number's artificial intelligence recognizes key words in the messages you receive to activate the proper auto-reply.

Starting at just $9.95 a month!


Try Ninja Number free for 7 days. Instant activation – no contracts, and all features included!