Ninja Number is a feature-filled, affordable phone service with several pricing plans designed to grow with your business and increase your efficiency and customer satisfaction.

White Belt Plan

For 1-3 employees


Billed Per Month

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Best Ninja Value!

Purple Belt Plan

For 4-10 employees


Billed Per Month

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Black Belt Plan

For more than 10 employees


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Free activation. Unlimited minutes. Advanced reporting.
  1. What if I want an additional virtual PBX?
    If you're on one of our plans already, you'll need to sign up for an additional account. In our plans, only one of your numbers can be a PBX.
  2. Can I add an additional phone number to my account?
    Yes, if you're on one of our plans already, you can get an additional line for $5 a month.
  3. After I've signed up for an account, can I change my phone number?
    Sure. Changing your number will cost you a only a one-time charge of $5.
  1. Can I upgrade my account?
    Absolutely. From the dashboard, click the "Upgrade" button at the top of the dashboard and choose which plan you want to upgrade to.
  2. Can I transfer an existing number to Ninja Number?
    Yes. Porting a number will cost you a one-time fee of $25, which you can then use as your Ninja Number.
  3. What Ninja Number plan includes a free trial?
    If you sign up for a free trial, you'll automatically be enrolled in our White Belt plan, which includes one phone number and three extensions.

“Ninja Number really does provide the most features at the best price. It has proven to be a superior tool for me and my business. It’s not only affordable, but it also has helped me increase my productivity immensely. And it’s so easy to use!
- Jerry Thompson, Dynamic Electronics