Simple and Smart.

With Ninja Number, you get the features you need to call sales leads back quickly and grow your business.

Never miss another sales call.


  • Use our AI-powered chatbot to automatically answer common questions from sales leads.
  • Share your Ninja Number with up to four people so they can answer and respond to sale leads.
  • Did a call get by you? We let you know when you miss a call, so you can get back to them immediately.

Make the important calls first.


Mark calls as sales leads, regular customers or VIPs so you can recognize who’s calling and prioritize who to call back first.

Intelligent insights.


Not only do we give you detailed analytics on your call history, but we also analyze the data and let you know what areas you can improve. We also give you advice on how to grow your business.

Get up and running with Ninja Number in no time.

The NinjaBot makes setup a snap. It asks you a few questions and then configures your Ninja Number based on your responses. You can even issue commands to the NinjaBot such as, “Forward my calls to (770) 555-3532” and it will obey.

But that's not all.

Ninja Number goes wherever you go and is equipped with features that will make it your business phone number.


Don’t miss a single call or opportunity to grow your business.

Call Forwarding
Call Forwarding

Ninja Number lets you conduct business on any device without giving out your personal number.

Multiple Extensions
Multiple Extensions

Turn your Ninja Number into a PBX, allowing your business the flexibility to scale, no matter or big or small.


Get detailed data on your calls and messages to help you grow your business.

Helping you Make Money

The only virtual phone system for your business that will increase sales.


“Ninja Number lets me know when I’ve missed a call, and I know that I need to get back to them ASAP to make that sale. It’s a lifesaver.”

Brad Sullivan
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