Imagine having your own Ninja that goes with you wherever you go.

What is Ninja Number?



A dedicated business number for your cellphone.

Keep your business calls and your personal calls separate while handling work in and away from the office.

Ninja Number provides a second line on the your cellphone that is easy to use and powerful enough to handle all your business phone needs.

Send and receive calls and texts.
Use the app to make phone calls and customers see your Ninja Number instead of your personal phone number.
Share with up to 5 phones.
Ninja Number is the only phone system that holds your calls to allow someone else on your team to answer the phone. Ring up to 5 phones at once.
View your entire conversation at a glance.
See all voicemails and texts from a business contact in one place - so you know what your last conversation was about.
Reply automatically to common questions.

Unique to Ninja Number, craft responses to common questions, such as business hours and directions.

When someone leaves a text or voicemail asking a common question, Ninja Number automatically replies with the answer.

Crystal-clear quality. And no data usage.


Unlike other virtual phone systems that rely on Voice over IP (VoIP) to connect calls over the Internet, Ninja Number uses the same cellular connection as your regular calls to transfer calls to your Ninja Number. That means no loss in quality and no data usage. Your calls will sound perfect every single time.

Easy to Setup – Start Making and Receiving Calls within Minutes!

Choose your Number.


Pick a business phone number from any of the options below. You can:

  • Choose a toll-free or local number;
  • Get a vanity number; or
  • Port your existing phone number over to Ninja Number.


Download the App.

Download the Ninja Number app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. It’s free!

Link your Cellphone.

Link your cellphone to Ninja Number and set up your greeting.

Make and Receive Calls.

Activate your ninja to handle your business communications more effectively!

No hidden fees, no contracts, no hardware. It’s that easy.

Ninja Number is the ultimate weapon against lost time, wasted effort and drained energy.

Get Ninja Number today!

What Others Are Saying About Ninja Number

The coolest part about the app is that it shows me all the calls and messages that I’ve missed and gives me a checklist of those still needing a response. Super convenient and ensures that I haven’t missed anyone!

Holly Sparks - Owner and Gymnastics Instructor
Holly Sparks Owner and Gymnastics Instructor

My business is only open for morning and evening classes so I really needed something that would ring to my cell phone so people could call at all hours of the day instead of waiting for our doors to open. Having better communication has tremendously helped my client base grow!

Joe Beasley  - Fitness Boot Camp Instructor
Joe Beasley Fitness Boot Camp Instructor

I’m always receiving the same questions about my studio on a daily basis. The best help is the auto-reply feature. Helps me to filter out some of the calls and spend less time on the phone. And, my callers aren’t waiting on me to personally call them back. It’s a win-win!

Clay Griffin - Paint Studio Owner
Clay Griffin Paint Studio Owner

See more of the features Ninja Number has to offer!

Starting at just $9.95 a month!


Try Ninja Number free for 7 days. Instant activation – no contracts, and all features included!