Keep Track of All Your Callers

If you get a lot of phone calls, you may be too busy to pick up every phone call or message. Whether you are at a job site or knee deep in a client’s project, we know those calls are important to you.

That’s why Ninja Number has all unanswered calls and messages on the home screen – so you can view them right when you open the app.

View All Unanswered Calls

So how do you know what calls you’ve missed, and who to call back first?

Ninja Number is the only business phone app that offers call tracking, which lets you see all unanswered calls straight from your home screen. You can mark calls according to their importance so you know at a glance what calls are the most essential.

Are you finished with a particular call? Mark it as responded, and poof! – it’s gone from your callback list.

What You Can Do With Call Tracking

Mark Your Calls
Mark Your Calls

Categorize your business calls as an inquiry, initial contact, qualified lead, customer or VIP. Filter your call history by category so you can take action on the most important ones first.

Call History
Call History

View your entire threaded history with a particular number, including texts and transcribed voicemails - so you're best informed when you contact them back.

Return Unanswered Calls
Return Unanswered Calls

See how long it's been since someone called you with our color-coded time stamps.

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