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Don't let your calls slip through the cracks

Ninja Number will remind you what calls, voicemails and texts need attention.


Call management at a glance

Ninja Number is the only business phone app that carefully tracks your messages for you. Viewing and sorting through your call history is time consuming, so we’ve made it easy for you.

  • Bam! See all unanswered calls from your home screen. No time-wasting toggling here.
  • Flag calls by importance so you can prioritize your responses.
  • Mark calls as responded and Ninja-kick that off your to-do list.

Conveniently view your call history

It’s so easy to see all your calls, and we’ll help you keep track.

  • Easily view all the calls you’ve made and received.
  • See timestamps of inbound calls and when you responded.
  • Calls waiting a response are marked, so no call goes unanswered.

Track all responses, too

Team Mode lets everyone on your team respond. All responses are tracked, so you’re always in the know.

  • See who responds to texts, calls and voicemails.
  • Seamlessly loop team members into existing customer conversations.
  • See who jumps into Auto-Reply messages.

What you can do with call tracking

Mark your calls.
Mark your calls.

Sort calls as inquiry, qualified lead, initial contact, customer or VIP. Filter your call history to prioritize your call backs.

View call history.
View call history.

Stay up to speed with individual contacts by viewing all communication history – including texts and transcribed voicemails.

Return unanswered calls.
Return unanswered calls.

Color-coded timestamps make it easy to see how long it’s been since someone called you. Don’t make your customers wait!

Take action on your unanswered call list


Calls that go to voicemail and unread text messages appear on your unanswered call list. They’ll stay there until you mark them as answered. To do this:

View your checklist


In the app, you’ll see the list of unanswered calls on your home screen.

Take action

Simply tap the unanswered call, and choose call or text to respond.

Check them off


Once completed, flip the toggle from “Needs Response” to “Already Responded.”


Check out all that Ninja can do for you

Hey, Big Data.
Hey, Big Data.

Your calls are a wealth of usable data. We take your calls, analyze the data and turn it into useful reports. And what’s more, we’ll give you insights on those reports to help your business grow.

Artificial intelligence simplifies your life.
Artificial intelligence simplifies your life.

Ninja Number’s Auto-Reply uses artificial intelligence to respond to your business’s frequently asked questions for you. Imagine all the time you’ll save!

Starting at just $9.95 a month!


Try Ninja Number free for 7 days. Instant activation – no contracts, and all features included!