Create your own army of Ninjas.

Go ahead and look around. There’s nothing like Ninja Number on the market.

  • It’s the only app that allows you to link up to five devices to your phone number so other members of your team can answer calls and texts.
  • It reminds you of missed calls and texts and tracks them so you always return every single one.
  • It automatically replies to common questions your customers have with answers that you create.
  • It uses 4G and 5G cellular connections instead of WiFi so all your calls are crystal clear.

Oh, one more thing: At $9.95 per month, it’s also one of the least expensive services available.

We believe Ninja Number is an entrepreneur’s dream app, and we want to spread the news about it to others. You can help us (and make some money while doing it) by becoming a brand ambassador!

As a brand ambassador, you’ll recruit people to sign up for Ninja Number. For each person who signs up and remains a customer for 60 days, we’ll pay you a month’s subscription fee. Depending on the plan the person chooses, that could mean up to $50 per customer!


How much could you make?

Number of Flex Plan subscribers you sign up:
Number of Multi Plan subscribers you sign up:
Amount we’ll pay you:


How It Works

  1. You get your own unique URL to send to your followers. You can include it in a blast email, social media post, blog post or your website.
  2. When a follower signs up for Ninja Number using your unique URL and stays with the service for 60 days, we’ll give you a one-time payment equal to the plan they signed up for ($9.95 for Flex Plan, $49.95 for Multi Plan).
  3. The more followers you sign up, the more money you make.

It’s that simple!



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