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We handcrafted the best technology, just for you.

text back to voicemails

Incredible AI

Use AI to Auto-Reply to texts and transcribed voicemails with your custom answers. Who else does that? Nobody.

text back to voicemails

Minblowing capability

Technology so amazing, you can put your phone on autopilot and focus on work-life balance.

Call quality.

Proprietary software uses your cellular connection. No dropped calls like those other guys.

Our technology partners

We brought together the best technology for a smart and seamless experience.

This is how we send you push notifications when a call or text comes in. No need to pull up the app to check, we've got you set.

It’s the magic behind translating voicemail messages to text. This enables you to text back to voicemails – something that no other app does.

We built the Ninja Number app using this open-source mobile software development kit. We love Flutter because our app developers are able to quickly make updates that users can enjoy faster.

This is what powers our NinjaBot, the chatbot used to walk you through your account setup. This is the same technology that powers Google Assistant used on Google Home devices.


Dialogflow is also what gives NinjaBot the ability to reply automatically to voicemails and texts. We use artificial intelligence to train the NinjaBot to interpret voicemail transcriptions and texts to automatically reply intelligent answers back to your customers' frequently asked questions. This feature is entirely customizable by you!

We do what others can’t

Get the app that doesn’t just do some, but does it all

Business texting

Your customers want fast replies and prefer text messaging. We’re the only app that lets you text back to transcribed voicemails, all within the same thread. Do business smarter and faster with Ninja Number.

Team Mode

Other apps are designed to be used just by you. Not us. We know how hard it is to answer every call, text and voicemail. That’s why we built our app so you can link up to 5 phones. Link 5 phones, pay for just one subscription.

Big Data

We worked hard to create the ability to turn your call data into useable reports and analytics. We even customize insights on how to improve your call handling. Don’t let your call data go to waste – use it to scale your business!

Live Ninja On-Demand

When you need more help answering your calls, you’ve got a team of Live Ninja Operators by your side. If you want every call answered by a real person, 24/7, weekends and holidays, we’ve got your covered. No other app offers a live answering component. But we understand just how important your calls are, so we do.

Check out all that Ninja Number can do for you

Why do you need a second phone number?
Why do you need a second phone number?

It lets you separate business from pleasure. Or having to buy a second phone and a second plan. Having a second phone number means you get two phones for one – at a fraction of the cost.

Ninja Number has the best features out there. Period.
Ninja Number has the best features out there. Period.

Respond to voicemails with text? Check. AI-powered Auto-Reply? Check. Call data? Yep! Check out all the features you get when you simplify – no, Ninja-fy – your business.