How to get started


After you sign up, you’ll receive your activation email in a flash with your new Ninja Number and login details.

Your Mission: Activate your account and log in to the dashboard to configure your settings and choose your ninja tool by selecting the application in the dashboard.

Ninja Number Dashboard

Ninja Number takes about 30 minutes to train, and then it’s ready to be by your side–a loyal companion and defender to make sure you never miss a call.

Complete the following, depending on the tools you choose:

voicemail iconVoicemail: Complete the setup wizard on the dashboard. Ninja meets wizard—this is interesting!

call forwarding iconCall Forwarding: Enter the phone number you want your Ninja Number to forward to. It’s as easy as that!

multiple extensions iconMultiple Extensions: Record your main greetings. Activate your extensions. Then configure each extension, or send an email to the person in charge of that extension for them to configure.

Virtual Assistant iconVirtual Assistant: Set up each of your status modes for work, vacation, meeting and do not disturb. Ninjas like having options!

24/7 Hotline icon24/7 Hotline: Record your greeting. Be ready for any announcement you need for your customers!

Need more information? Download our Quick Start Guide!