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Get set up with Ninja speed

You’ll be up in running in 5 minutes or less. Really!

Let’s start with the basics

Signing up is a breeze

  • How did you sign up for Ninja Number? If you signed up online, download the app! If you signed up in Apple App Store or Google Play, you’re money!
  • Tap the app and sign in! Use the temporary credentials we emailed you when you signed up.
  • You’ll be prompted to enter your cell phone number. That’s how you link with the Ninja Number app.
  • Now all your calls and texts will come into Ninja Number. Don’t forget to set up your voicemail!
, Getting Started

Let’s tour the home screen

Everything you need to know in one location.

  • Unanswered. This tab displays any calls or text messages that are open. That means they’ve either been missed or you haven’t responded to them yet. Once you’ve replied, you can close them out and Ninja-kick them off your to-do list!
  • Recent. This tab shows your incoming and outgoing calls, as well as text exchanges.
  • Contacts. Easily access all your contacts from the home screen.
  • Messages. Easily access your entire history of voicemails and text messages. Even the ones your team members have responded to.
, Getting Started

Let’s get a little more detailed

You’ve got so many more features to tap into. Our NinjaBot will walk you through setup.

About NinjaBot. This cool little dude is powered by artificial intelligence to empower you! NinjaBot talks you through how to set up various tools in the app.

What kind of tools? Well you can toggle the “Ring me first” function whenever you want. When on, the calls go to you first. When off, they’ll go to your team members, voicemail, or Ninja Operators.

But also more! Auto-Reply is definitely something you want. Set up customers’ frequently asked questions and your custom responses. NinjaBot will scan your incoming texts and voicemails and reply for you! Also set hours for Live Ninja Operators to answer your calls when you and your team can’t answer.

, Getting Started

Check out all that Ninja Number can do for you

Ninja Number has the best features out there. Period.
Ninja Number has the best features out there. Period.

Respond to voicemails with text? Check. AI-powered Auto-Reply? Check. Call data? Yep! Check out all the features you get when you simplify – no, Ninja-fy – your business.

Hey, Big Data.
Hey, Big Data.

Your calls are a wealth of usable data. We take your calls, analyze the data and turn it into useful reports. And what’s more, we’ll give you insights on those reports to help your business grow.