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Choosing between Ninja Number and SmartLine

Searching for a SmartLine alternative for your business’s virtual phone system? Ninja Number has many options that SmartLine doesn’t have:

  • SmartLine doesn’t offer reporting. Ninja Number offers more than 10 customizable reports, including insight reports that analyze your call patterns and history so you can improve your communication with leads and customers.
  • SmartLine doesn’t have multiple extensions. With Ninja Number, you can choose the Multi Plan, which sets up your phone number to play unique daytime and nighttime greetings and can route your calls to a specific extension.
  • Ninja Number offers many more features, including lead management tools, typing your voicemail greeting, and linking up to 5 phones for one phone number.


Ninja Number SmartLine
Multiple Extensions yes no
Link up to 5 phones Included Not Included
Reporting Included Not Included
Lead management tools Included Not Included

Why should I choose Ninja Number over SmartLine?

Ninja Number is the only virtual phone system on the market designed to double your sales.

In business, the early bird gets the worm. Everything we do is geared toward you getting back to the customer quickly and converting leads into sales.

Ninja Number virtual phone system notifies you of missed calls. It uses artificial intelligence to respond automatically to leads who ask common questions about your business. It also allows you to mark calls as inquiries, leads, customers or VIPs so you can decide who to call back first.

Ninja Number has detailed, customizable reports, but it also gives you recommendations on how to improve your communications with customers and sales leads. The quicker you get back to people, the more sales you’ll make and the higher customer satisfaction you’ll have – which translates into more revenue for you.

What people are saying about Ninja Number

Ninja Number keeps me honest. So many times I think, "I'll call that person back" and forget about it. But now, Ninja Number reminds me to call those people back. That means more sales and more money in my pocket.

Guy Terry -
Guy Terry

I love the reports and insights. Ninja Number gives me detailed information on my call history and tells me how I can improve my communications with customers.

Ben Fowler -
Ben Fowler

Ninja Number is a huge part of my business model. I have a virtual office from home, and having a toll-free number where my customers can contact me from anywhere makes my life easier! It gives my customers the idea that I'm not working from my home office in my pajamas!

Monica Dean -
Monica Dean
Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses Trust Ninja Number


Ninjas are trusted allies, working behind the scenes to get the job done. Today, more than 75,000 entrepreneurs and small businesses have used our services to handle business phone calls.

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