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Choosing the Right Plan

Ninja Number has two plans based on what you need. Both plans have unlimited calling. You can choose from the Flex and Multi plans.

Both plans allow you to link any phone number to your Ninja Number so that all calls will forward to that phone number. Each plan also allows you to link up to 5 phones to one Ninja Number. The main difference is that the Multi plan sets up your Ninja Number with extensions.

Are you a sole proprietor, or do you have fewer than 5 employees? If you're a sole proprietor or work with fewer than 5 people, the Flex plan is probably best for you. The starting plan will link any phone number to your Ninja Number so all business calls ring to the phone number of your choosing.

Do you have different departments? You could benefit from choosing the Multi plan. The Multi plan sets up your Ninja Number as a virtual PBX system with extensions. The benefit to having extensions is that you can assign specific extensions to certain departments. When a person calls, they will hear a greeting with options: "Press 1 for sales, press 2 for support," etc. When the caller presses that number, it will route the call to that extension.

Do you want text messaging with your Ninja Number? The best plan for you is the Flex plan so you can use text messaging with your callers. The Multi plan will only allow you to receive phone calls as an extension. Text messaging is not supported on an extension.

Do you need customized greetings based on your office hours? The Multi plan allows you not only to set up specific extensions for various departments or employees, but also to play customized greetings based on the time of day. For example, if you wanted only a certain greeting to play while your business is open, you can set it for those specific times. If you wanted to record a different greeting for the hours you are closed, you could then switch the greeting over by setting the times.