Choosing the Right Plan

Ninja Number has six plans based on the size of your company and your phone usage. You can choose from the White Belt, Purple Belt or Black Belt plans; each of those plans has a low usage and an unlimited plan. You choose what plan is right for you.

Are you a sole proprietor? If you're a sole proprietor, the White Belt plan is probably best for you. It features 1 phone line and 3 extensions. If you don't use your phone a lot, you'll be billed just $9.95 per month.

Do you have more than one product or service? You could benefit from the Purple Belt plan. You can use up to 3 separate numbers for each of your products or services, starting at just $24.95 a month. If you have more products or need more lines for promotions and marketing, the Black Belt plan may be for you. It gives you 5 different numbers.

Is your phone your lifeline? Are you on it all the time? Try one of our unlimited plans - you won't ever have to worry about how many minutes you use. Depending on the number of phone lines and extensions you need, you can choose from the unlimited versions of our White Belt ($19.95), Purple Belt ($39.95) and Black Belt ($79.95) plans.

Do you have a lot of employees? If you have more than 10 employees, you definitely need our Black Belt plan. It supports an unlimited number of extensions, which means it can grow as your company grows. You can even assign specific phone numbers to different departments if you wanted to since you will receive 5 different numbers to use.

Should you choose the low usage plan or the unlimited plan? It all depends on how much you’ll be using your phone to communicate with customers:

  • If you set your Ninja Number to call forwarding, you may talk on the phone a lot, so you’d want the unlimited plan.
  • If you are a texter and like to correspond with customers via text, you’ll definitely want the unlimited plan.
  • If you set up your Ninja Number as an emergency line that you only use as needed, you'd probably want the low usage plan because you won’t be receiving a lot of inbound calls.
One great advantage of the low usage plans is that you'll never pay more than the overage amount, so your price is guaranteed. Most other providers will charge you on a per-minute basis, which makes your monthly bill unpredictable.