Get Ninja Number's Ingenuity: Two Great Programs

We believe everyone should have access to the benefits and value of Ninja Number. That’s why we’ve created two wonderful programs to share: Care2Call and our Ninja Number mercenary program.

Care2Call is just one way we give back to our community. It’s for nonprofits to partner with us and, at no charge, use Ninja Number to benefit their organization and their communities.

Our Ninja Number mercenary program is for resellers to use Ninja Number under their own label and market and price it however they choose.

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“Signing up for Care2Call has benefitted my organization in countless ways. It provides callers a professional welcome that builds caller confidence and trust – so important to nonprofits. It also allows me peace of mind, knowing that if I’m not able to answer the phone, I can quickly adjust my status and relax, knowing that no calls are missed. Thank you, Ninja Number, for sharing your service free through Care2Call!
Linda Beaumont, Children's Rights League