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October 8, 2019

Jennifer Bailey
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Second Phone Line Ninja Number Mobile App Now Offers Purchase through Google and Apple Pay

BUFORD, Ga.–Ninja Number has released a virtual phone app that offers signup through Apple Pay and Google Pay, making it even easier to secure a business phone number.

The signup process works just like any other in-app purchase; all users have to do is reserve a number and authorize the payment, making it even more secure.

Link up to five phones

The latest version of the Ninja Number app has several new features, including the ability to link up to five phones to a business number.

Sharing a business number with up to five people means you can bring your team in to tackle your call and text volume. When a call comes in, all five phones ring, and the first person to answer talks with the caller. All responses to calls, texts and voicemails are tracked in the app, so each user stays in the loop.

Work-life balance

Even though the app is on personal smartphones, it functions separately from the phone and tells users whether an incoming phone call is work-related. Dialing out using Ninja Number means the person they’re calling will see their business number, not their personal number.

“We designed Ninja Number to be simple but powerful,” says Jay Reeder, President and CEO of Ninja Number. “We recognize that entrepreneurs and small business owners need to separate their personal and business lives. Everything in the app is designed to make their lives easier.”


The app’s reports are the best in the industry, with detailed, customizable data on 11 topics ranging from calls by the hour of day to telling you where calls are coming from. Ninja Number even evaluates the data and offers insights into improving business owners’ communications skills and growing their business.

About Ninja Number

Ninja Number is a virtual phone system used by more than 75,000 entrepreneurs and small businesses. For more information, visit ninjanumber.com.