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Get a Virtual Phone Number for Seattle, Washington

Seattle, your Ninja is waiting.
Get a second phone line for your business - on your cellphone.

Keep Your Work and Personal Life Separate, but Together

Ninja Number goes where you go, so you can always be available if you need to, but still take your family out to dinner without worrying about missing a call.

Just like a Ninja, we work behind the scenes to take care of your calls if you aren’t able to.


Link Up to 5 Phones

Collaborate with your team to answer phone calls and texts. Ninja Number can link up to 5 different phones to your business number, so if you’re busy, someone else on your team will respond.

Linking phones also allows you to go back and find out who answered a specific call or text - great for gathering more information or audit tracking.



If you can't respond, we can do it for you.

Trapped in a meeting and can’t leave to answer a call? Return voicemails via text, or customize answers to frequently asked questions.

Through our auto-reply feature, we use artificial intelligence to recognize questions asked by callers by text message or voicemail transcription and reply with your answers.


Additional Features Included:


Hold all calls and let them go directly to voicemail.


Ninja Number reminds you when you’ve missed a call. View all your unanswered calls from the home screen.

Call Tracking
Call Tracking

Mark each call according to who they are - inquiry, initial contact, customer or VIP - so you can prioritize what calls to return.

Multiple Extensions
Multiple Extensions

Turn your Ninja Number into a true phone system with extensions for each employee or department, allowing your business the flexibility to grow.


Get detailed data on your calls and messages so you can make better decisions about your business.

Get any number
Get Any Number

Choose from local, toll-free or vanity numbers. You can even transfer an existing number to Ninja Number.

Seattle, Washington - Facts & Figures

Seattle, WA, also known as "The Emerald City," began as a lumbering town and pioneer outpost. During the Yukon gold rush, it became a busy transportation center. To this day it is a center for transportation, manufacturing, commerce and services for the entire region. The largest city north of San Francisco, Seattle is known for its arts community, drawing visitors who contribute to the city's tourism sector. The beauty of the surrounding mountain ranges, lakes, and bays make Seattle a place for natural beauty as well. The economy in Seattle is somewhat dependent on the aerospace industry, but in recent years has developed in the areas of manufacturing, technology, biotechnology and medical engineering. The city is the founding place of Starbucks and is home to the University of Washington.

  • Population: 610,480
  • Industries: trade, distribution, finance, tourism, manufacturing, shipping, transportation, forest products, food processing, services, advanced technology (computer software), biotechnology, electronics, medical equipment, and environmental engineering
  • Area Codes: 206
  • Zip Codes: 98060, 98101, 98104, 98105, 98106, 98107, 98108, 98109, 98111, 98115, 98116, 98117, 98118, 98119, 98125, 98126, 98129, 98130, 98131, 98132, 98133, 98136, 98138, 98140, 98144, 98145, 98146, 98148, 98150, 98151, 98154, 98155, 98158, 98160, 98161, 98164, 98166, 98174, 98177, 98178, 98181, 98184, 98185,98191, 98195, 98198, 98199
  • Surrounding Cities: Medina, WA; Hunts Point, WA; Clyde Hill, WA; Yarrow Point, WA; Mercer Island, WA; Beaux Arts Village, WA; Kirkland, WA; East Seattle, WA

Here are some more cities in Washington where we offer service!

Seattle, get your Ninja working for you right away.


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