Voice to Text

With our intuitive voice-to-text app, transcribe all of your voicemails and have them sent to you so you don’t miss an opportunity to grow your business.

voice to text

Ninja Benefits


Keep an eye on customers’ needs by having your voicemails transcribed to text so you are always in touch and informed.


Stay connected to customers at all times by using it on your cell phone.


Better serve your customers by forwarding transcribed messages when needed.


What makes us a Ninja

We provide free voicemail transcription as part of our Purple and Black Belt plans– just another way we slay our competition!

When would I use this?

You feel pretty stealthy being able to activate the voice-to-text app. While you’re meeting with one important customer, Ninja Number can transcribe your voicemails to text, allowing you to see messages from other customers as soon as they come in.