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December 18, 2019

5 Reasons Your Small Business Deserves Thoughtful Branding 

All too often, small business owners think that going through a “branding process” is only for national or global companies who have widespread recognition. However, even local businesses need brand consistency. And it should go beyond an eye-catching logo and professional-looking business cards. 

 Entrepreneur explains it like this: 

Your brand is the sum total of your customers’ perceptions, notions and experience. It is the face, personality and the values espoused by your business – and everything in between. 

 From your LinkedIn posts to customer service, the company’s tone should be consistent throughout. In short, branding exudes a company’s beliefs, values, and how it wants to be perceived.  

 Keep reading to discover the importance of identifying your company’s brand.  

1. Your Company Colors Lead to Specific Emotions 

Almost everyone has emotional correlations with certain colors, like yellow feeling optimistic or red alluding power.  That’s why the concept of color psychology is crucial when it comes to identifying your brand.  

One study found that 90% of snap judgements made about purchasing a product are simply based on the color of the packaging. Therefore, depending on how you want your company to be perceived, choose company colors carefully.  

 Here’s The Logo Company’s guide to emotions as related to colors in logos: 

  • Yellow: optimism, clarity, warmth 
  • Orange: cheerful, friendly, confident 
  • Red: excitement, youthful, bold 
  • Purple: creative, imaginative, wise 
  • Blue: trust, dependable, strength 
  • Green: peaceful, growth, health 
  • Gray: balance, neutral, calm 

 Knowing this, how is your company currently being depicted? Is it in line with your core values? If not, it may time to re-consider your branding 

 2. Consistent Branding Enables Trust 

Imagine researching a company for a potential purchase and landing on their website. As you’re clicking around, no page looks the same, the colors are not consistent, and they display multiple versions of their logo. 

 At first glance, you might just think they didn’t hire a good graphic designer. But what this says on a deeper level is that they’re not consistent, which means they’re untrustworthy. As a potential customer, this can come across as scattered, and you take your purchase to a competitor who appears more “put together” and reliable. 

 If a consumer witnesses consistent branding, they’re more likely to trust your company and become a customer. And this isn’t just true across websites. Consistent branding is also key between social media, marketing collateral, and advertisements. 


3. Your Brand Trickles Down to Employees 

A motivating brand doesn’t just excite potential buyers; it should do the same for employees. With a clear message and consistent branding, staff will feel inspired to bring your company’s values to life.  

 On the contrary, a disjointed brand leads to a fragmented culture and confusing values. If you’ve noticed your employees aren’t willing to stand behind your brand, it could be time for a branding reassessment.  

4. Great Branding Encourages Recognition 

A solid branding strategy focuses on improving awareness, but more importantly, recognition. Oftentimes, this starts with your logo.  

 Think about some of your favorite brands – it’s likely that their logo is the first thing that comes to mind. This means they have successfully achieved brand recognition.  

 The backbone of your company’s brand is its logo, so investing in a memorable, creative one is worth it. 


5. Branding Brings in More Revenue  

Have you ever recommended a company to a friend but couldn’t remember the name? Regardless of how great an experience is, without the company name, word-of-mouth referrals are useless. And often, referrals are the best way for local companies to get new customers 

 Customers spreading the word about your business is the first step, but potential leads will still do their own research. This is where consistent branding comes in. Your logo, website, and reputation should all work cohesively together to help support your referrals. 

  Another way to bring in more revenue is by aligning customer service with your brand. Companies who ignore customer service as a piece of their brand strategy could be leaving great opportunities on the table.  

 Not only is it a way to attract customers, but consistent customer service also improves brand loyalty and can differentiate your business from competitors. 

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