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January 15, 2020

Are You Still Pressing One to Answer a Business Call?

You’ve set up your virtual phone service and are excited about the technology filtering through your business calls. But as your first call comes through, you’re greeted with the option to “press 1” to receive the call or “press 2” to send to voicemail. How frustrating!

In today’s world of needing to be hands-free, especially while driving, this serves as not only an annoyance, but a safety hazard as well. It’s 2020; shouldn’t the technology be smart enough to know whether you’re answering the phone or if it goes through to voicemail?

The answer is “no” for most of the virtual phone services out there today. However, Ninja Number has completely removed this step for its users. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting feature and how Ninja Number makes life easier for its members.

The Current User Experience

If you have Google Voice or Grasshopper, as soon as a call comes through, the service wants to know who is taking the call. Is it a real person or a voice mailbox? The only way to communicate this is by pressing the number one on your keypad. And if you’re on your computer taking the call, pressing 1 on the keyboard usually doesn’t work – meaning calls are forced to be sent to voicemail and users are quickly trying to get in touch with the caller before it’s too late.

Even more challenging, GoDaddy SmartLine simply sends all calls straight through to your personal device. This service is not compatible with landlines, like an office phone, and requires you to connect it to your personal cell phone number. Because of this, all calls and voicemails are taken through your own mobile phone. No calls can be forwarded to an office desk phone or voicemail. Talk about a cluttered inbox!

Many users of these services have expressed their frustration about having to take the extra step before answering a call. Additionally, they’ve shared that this additional action doesn’t always work as it should. So not only are users having to press a button, but sometimes this feature fails them, causing even more frustration.

If you use one of these three services, it’s likely that you’re frustrated. So, Ninja Number listened.

Ninja Number Offers a More Enjoyable Experience

As a Ninja Number user, when you see a work call coming through your mobile device, you simply answer the phone and begin your conversation. Seriously – it’s that easy.

Ninja Number intelligently communicates between the app and the telephone network, so you never have to “press 1” again. If you miss the call, and it’s sent to voicemail, the app detects this. As a result, Ninja Number simply doesn’t forward the caller to your device.

Eliminating this extra step means you can speak with your incoming caller faster, without fumbling for the keypad – a danger task while driving. You can take your business calls just as you would a personal call – by simply pressing “answer”.

How Does Ninja Number Compare to Other Services?

If you’re browsing the market for a new virtual phone app, it can be tough to know which one is right for you. However, as discussed, Ninja Number eliminates the extra step of pressing one before taking a call.

But that’s not the only way we stand out. Here are a few other ways Ninja Number reigns supreme to the other options.

Ninja Number vs. Google Voice

Linking Capabilities.

Ninja Number gives you the ability to link up to five different devices or numbers to a single number. On the contrary, Google Voice only offers one phone number, which means calls can easily go unanswered.

Multiple Extensions.

With multiple extensions, Ninja Number users can set up a variety of greetings (like daytime vs. nighttime), as well as forward calls to a specific person. Google Voice does not have this capability.

Extensive Reporting.

Without reporting, how do you know about call performance? Ninja Number, unlike Google Voice, lets you customize up to ten different kinds of reports – uncovering call history, behaviors, and patterns. Knowing this kind of information helps you improve how you communicate with leads and customers.

Ninja Number vs. Grasshopper

Free Transcriptions.

For Grasshopper users who want voice transcriptions, they have to pay a pretty penny to someone in a voice studio. Ninja Number, on the other hand, offers this as a free feature for every user. We will work with you to transcribe it in a variety of voices! Soon, this will be available in multiple languages.


Ninja Number is one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market. With plans starting at just $19.95 per month, this comes out to be a fraction of the cost of Grasshopper. Fortunately, our lower price doesn’t come at the expense of less features. Ninja Number offers text to voice transcription, lead management tools, and the ability to link up to five numbers – all features Grasshopper doesn’t offer.

If you’re tired of the extra step before taking a call, or simply want more features from a phone service that will help you increase sales, contact Ninja Number today. You can try our service for free during a one-week trial. You’ll be impressed at how easy it is to set up, and then you get to let it run its magic.

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