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January 17, 2020

4 Apps That Help You Run a More Efficient Business

It’s the new, age-old saying: “There’s an app for that!” If you can dream it, it’s likely that someone has already created an app to make it better, faster, or easier.

As a small business owner, you’re already working on overdrive, so why not try to find a few apps that can make your life easier? One study discovered that owners of small companies work double the amount of time that employees do.

With limited time to get everything done, you need to be working as efficiently as possible. Here are four apps to help you do that.

1.      Woven – Scheduling

As the 2019 winner of Appy’s Best Productivity App, Woven is a helpful scheduling tool that leverages artificial intelligence to streamline all of your commitments. It gives users the ability to collaborate with others, plan trips, create polls, and more—all within the app. It syncs with Google Calendars, and soon enough, Outlook 365 as well.

Don’t worry about mixing business with pleasure. Woven keeps all of your appointments straight for you. If someone invites you to a business dinner, MyTime, one of the app’s features, can quickly determine if you have a conflict (between personal and professional calendars) before accepting the invitation. It merges your activities to simplify and resolve conflicts across all your calendars.

2.      Asana – Project Management

Having one go-to platform to manage all of your company’s projects is essential for good communication and efficient processes. Without one, employees and entire teams can be wasting time and working in inefficient silos.

Asana is a powerful task management software that can be accessed anywhere you have internet. With the ability to create team-specific projects and tasks, companies are able to collaborate and work through multiple projects simultaneously.

This app is especially helpful for companies whose departments cross-collaborate, like marketing, sales, and creative teams. It gives everyone complete transparency on the status of projects and puts everyone on the same page. Asana conveniently integrates with other popular tools likes Slack, Dropbox, and GoogleDrive.

3.      Slack – Internal Messaging

If your main form of internal communication is email, it’s time to come out of the dark ages! Slack is a cloud-based instant messaging system that’s accessible on desktop, mobile, and internet browsers.

The power of Slack is that not only can you have direct messages between employees and groups, but you can also create channels. These channels can be specific to teams or projects.

Slack gives your company one documented flow of communication, and completely eliminates the convoluted nature of emails. If you need to have a “side conversation”, you have the ability to create a thread, which won’t clog up the conversation.

Plus, you can easily search and find information within the app, something that is extremely tedious and time consuming to do via email when you’re looking for one little piece of information. Using one universal search bar, you can find exactly the information, link, file, or conversation you need, and the app populates it in seconds. You can search by user, words, channels, date, and more.

4.      Ninja Number – Call Management and Analytics

If you use your personal device for professional calls, you know the feeling of seeing an incoming call and not knowing who is on the other end. Is it the plumber for your house or the lead you’ve been waiting on? The way you answer your call (or if you do at all) depends on the answer to this question.

That’s where Ninja Number comes in – a virtual phone service app. When you download this tool, it filters through your incoming calls and lets you know that which ones are for work, giving you the confidence to answer the call accordingly.

Beyond that, it leverages artificial intelligence through autoreply to answer your customers’ frequently asked questions – meaning you spend less time on the phone and more time doing what’s important.

Ninja Number also provides analytics to inform you of your call behaviors and patterns, and then turns it in to helpful advice for how you can improve. For example, the app can detect how quickly or slowly you respond to leads or if you’re missing too many calls. This kind of information, and changing your habits appropriately, can make or break the relationships you’re trying to build.

It’s critical that small business owners invest in technology, apps, and solutions that make their company as efficient as possible. Time is your most important asset, so look into which of your tasks are taking up the most of your time and see if there’s an app to help.

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