March 28, 2019 @ 2:14PM

Notice Anything Different?

If you’ve come to the Ninja Number site before, you may have noticed some differences in the past week. We’ve undergone some spring cleaning, adding a fresh new look and feel to the site. We’ve also made things easier to find, increased mobile compatibility, and sped up the site so that it will load even faster on your desktop or phone.

We’ve also made a lot of changes to our mobile app, which you can find in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. In addition to bug fixes, we’ve added the following features that will make it easier for you to get back to that lead and make a new sale:

  • Notifications that remind you when you miss a call.
  • The ability to mark calls as a lead, regular customer or VIP so you know when you’re getting an important call.
  • A screen showing your open inquiries so you can instantly see who you need to call back.
  • Insight cards that tell you how well you’re communicating with your sales leads and customers, and offer recommendations for improvement.
  • An aggressiveness toggle that lets you set how fast you want to respond to sales leads (Caution: We’ll grade you on your responsiveness! 🙂 ).

The NinjaBot has become more powerful. It now lets you specify the email you want voicemails sent to as well as set the time zone. You can also issue commands to the NinjaBot via text – for instance, you can type, “Forward my calls to (770) 555-3758,” and it will obey.

Finally, we’ve added a referral program in which you can refer friends and colleagues to Ninja Number and get credit toward your bill.

We’re not finished. Stay tuned for another big enhancement to the mobile app that will make it easier than ever to use!

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