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October 18, 2021

The Best Apps for Young Entrepreneurs

Did you know that 62% of small businesses don’t have any staff? If you’re new to the
entrepreneurial world, then you definitely know this to be true. Onboarding clients, writing
emails, designing logos, taking calls, not to mention having the time to stay creative with your
newly formed business — the daily life of a young entrepreneur is filled with too many tasks for
one person to handle alone. Unfortunately, hiring part or full-time staff members can be
expensive and time-consuming! That’s why most young entrepreneurs turn to technology to fill
that gap.

Now, you might be wondering: “how do I find the right tech to help me run my business?” That’s
where our team at Ninja Number comes in! We’ve tried it all, and we know what works well for
the average young entrepreneur.

Take a look at our list below to find the best app for whatever obstacle you’re facing, and know
that no matter what it may be, Ninja Number is here to help.

Finding the Right App for You:
1. Hoping to elevate your phone services? Try Ninja Number! Ninja Number offers a
virtual phone system for business owners to manage their communications and allow
them to focus on more important aspects of their business and personal life. With a
toll-free or local phone number from Ninja Number, you can enjoy one-of-a-kind perks
like team mode call coverage, smart auto-reply, call tracking, big data, and on demand
Ninja operators. If you really want to take your customer relations to the next level, you
can even take part in our business texting feature. Better yet, try all of the features Ninja
Number has to offer with a 7 day trial — completely free of charge!

2. Wanting to tighten up your company branding? Try Canva! Canva is a great design
software for beginner designers and entrepreneurs who don’t have a background in
graphic design. It’s easy to use and helps you create professional looking graphics for
your website, emails, social media, whatever you need to highlight. This is huge for those
who are just starting out. According to Red Website Design, 94% of users will leave a
website with poor graphic design. With a solid design tool like Canva, you can eliminate
the worry of driving potential customers away without having to break the bank on a
professional graphic designer. Not to mention, the basic Canva program is completely
free to use!
3. Needing faster results from your invoicing process? Try FreshBooks! For business
owners, invoicing is essential to keeping your operations moving. There are many steps
you can take to improve your bookkeeping yourself (setting up automations, following
up, setting clear expectations, etc.), but finding the time to set aside for invoice
management can be near impossible. FreshBooks saves you hours of work by providing
you with a professional grade, easy to use invoice generator for all of your billing needs.
You can also accept credit cards and ACH with this service, allowing you to get paid
much faster!

Overall, using any of these apps can provide you with a stronger sense of control over your small
business. Plus, you can control the controllables from your smartphone. What more can you ask
for as a budding entrepreneur?

Have more questions about Ninja Number? Check out our FAQs section here or sign up easily
with our easy checkout process today.

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