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February 16, 2018

Why Ninja Number?

You may be wondering: Why Ninja Number?

First, a little background. Graham Taylor and I started VoiceNation in 2002, offering voice technologies in the cloud for customers who couldn’t get those services from the phone companies. We spun off NextPBX to separate the cloud services from our live answering business. Both ventures were a success, but as PBX systems added more and more features, they became more difficult to operate.

Fast forward to 2017. Despite all the advances in technology, phone services in the cloud weren’t getting any easier for the customer to use. It was becoming more complicated because the industry had added dozens of features that hardly anybody used. It cluttered the interface and caused people to scratch their heads and wonder what they all did. In essence, you needed a Ph.D. in PBX to learn how to use it.

That year, we had an epiphany: Why can’t online service be as simple as Alexa? Why can’t it be as simple as using your smartphone?

We decided to reinvent ourselves, to take NextPBX back to the drawing board and redevelop the technology.

Our goal was to make a virtual phone system so simple that it would be an invisible part of your daily life—where it’s not a point of frustration but saves you time instead.

We wanted to create a solution that supported you and helped you connect with your customers without getting in the way or requiring that you spend a lot of time learning about it—something that could almost read your mind and help you to do what you need to do.

We realized that this kind of solution didn’t exist in the market, so we created a product that provides you with the intelligence needed to work more efficiently, work smarter, communicate better with your customers and save you time so you could focus on doing what you do best.

Back to Ninja Number. I was driving down the road one day thinking about how we wanted this product to be something that our customers didn’t have to think about. We wanted it to be almost like self-driving cars and phones that talk to you. Why couldn’t we have a communications solution that operates in the same manner, where the interface doesn’t get in the way? You give it simple instructions, and it’s smart enough to know how to make it work.

I saw it as this invisible helper or employee that didn’t draw attention to itself; it kept the focus on you. As I thought about this, what came to mind was a ninja. They serve the person they’re working for; they’re in the background; and they get the job done effectively with precision and intelligence. And they do it without making a scene, without being noticed, without being at the forefront. And so, Ninja Number was born.

We hope you’ll give Ninja Number a try and see for yourself the benefits it can give your business – easy-to-use telephone services without getting in your way.

Jay Reeder is chief executive officer of VoiceNation and Cirravox. With more than 20 years in the telecommunications industry, Jay has built his career by creating innovative solutions for real-world challenges.

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