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December 23, 2019

Ninja Support taking on special holiday work

Ninja Number is proud to provide the best customer support in the industry with our Support Ninjas. But as Christmas approaches, something magical happens. Our Support Ninjas turn into Ninja Elves that run off to help a VIP – Santa Claus! If you try to contact our Support Ninjas on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, they’ll be a little busy! 

But don’t worry, Support Ninjas can do a little multi-tasking while helping Santa. They’ll still be monitoring customer inquiries and issues and will swoop in if the app gets a bug.  

Support Ninjas are going to take a little nap on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day – a great way to recover from all the holiday fun. Again, they’ll be there to check things are running smoothly for you, and come Jan. 2, they’ll be jumping into action in the new year! 

Now is a great time to check out all the amazing things Ninja Number can do for you! 

Link up to five phones 

The latest version of the Ninja Number app has several new features, including the ability to link up to five phones to a business number. 

Sharing a business number with up to five people means you can bring your team in to tackle your call and text volume. When a call comes in, all five phones ring, and the first person to answer talks with the caller. All responses to calls, texts and voicemails are tracked in the app, so each user stays in the loop. 

Live Ninja On-Demand 

If you’re looking for some extra help with answering your calls, sign up for Live Ninja On-Demand. You’ll get to choose when you want Ninja Operators answering your calls! Could be after hours, or on the weekends and holidays. We’ve teamed up with the best 24/7 live answering service so you never miss a call! Simply toggle to Live Ninja On-Demand whenever you want, and Ninja Operators will answer your calls with your custom wording.  

Smart Auto-Reply 

We’re the only app that has AI-powered Auto-Reply. Artificial intelligence scans your voicemails for frequently asked questions and then texts back your customized reply. Put your phone on auto-pilot and get busy tackling your to-do list! 


The app’s reports are the best in the industry, with detailed, customizable data on 11 topics ranging from calls by the hour of day to telling you where calls are coming from. Ninja Number even evaluates the data and offers insights into improving business owners’ communications skills and growing their business. 



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